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Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"

holy craparroni..!!

for mi organic, metalic, spiritual and imaginary god, this is all i have been feelin for a looooooooong timeeeeeeee..!!!

i wont say its a remake, though :)

I love your work!

im amazed again! the style of your vids. is remarkable and as always I can find no reason not to rate this a 5.

. . . .

Amazingly Unique.
Suttle, settling, soothing, smooth.
The 4S's that should be in all music.
Perfect, here's an award.



Wow, August 7, 2008 must have been an insane day for good submissions on Newgrounds if this only achieved Daily 4th Place. Your works just ooze with style and are so ambient and atmospheric. I love mood pieces and you seem to be an expert at them. Your ability to use Flash is amazing. The fact that you didn't use any 3D programs in this and found a way to do the effects that you did with this is astounding. The fact that it only took you a week and was "rushed" is even more amazing. Congrats.


I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said, but this is amazing. You know what, that seals the deal. Your going on my fav authors list. Like other peple, I loved the mood that this animation set. You are truly a master of relaxation. 10/10 5/5 Now excuse me while I go watch it again =D