Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"

confused, but im supposed to be.

very good animation, now apply it to a storyline and that will make a 10. for the duration i was confused and wondered what the hell. but then i read it was about a dream of yours so now i see its about expression. good detail, music, and flow. keep it up.

Very nice

Nice movie man. I have to admit I did not finish watching it, simply because this type of video is not my thing, but I really saw that you put a hell of a lot of effort in the art work and surroundings. The way the shadows moved with the sun rising, kudo's to you. Keep up the good work.


It's a great animation and I love the music.

Can you lead me to the source of the song please. >.>


the first 2 secs of sound in the animation is a sound i hear alot on my dreams, and the red part, with the rising sun is also damn familliar O_0 anyway cool animation man! u got a nice style.


if it only had some more action.

But man, what an artist.