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Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"


Ive never seen anything like that. Good Job. :D


truly amazing one of the best flash movies i have ever seen.


The color palette you used was just incredible! Very nice lighting effects, definitely one of my new favs! 10/10 5/5!!!!


I noticed that telephone pole too, but omg, those lighting effects were awesome.

Suprising Effects

Out of all the artsy/stylistic animations I've seen, you hold one of the highest ranks when it comes to dynamic lighting effects... Which is why I was surprised to see that in one scene, telephone poles were casting shadows that were slightly maligned with their source. I'm not saying you aren't to be greatly respected for what you've done here... But, at the high lighting quality level that you've taken this presentation up to, you have to stay consistent. In cleaning up these minor animating "typos", you will ascend to god-hood. Good luck, and I hope so see great things from you in the future.