Reviews for "Rotten Antenna"

moving - yet simple

n3kkd Space Girl is always a plus

the vid was pretty good! it had a simplistic feel, no offense or anything, but it strikes a chord just as easily


This is easily the best flash ive seen all year i loved it. when i watched it i actually enjoyed the artisticness of it, which usually just seems gay or like someone did too much acid when they made it. Congrates on being the execption to my dislike of artistic flashes and how awesome this flash was


This only took you a week? Bravo! The coloring scheme was very interesting, and I liked the overal style and effects. I related to the ending a bit, seeing a beautiful girl, only to find out she is a mirage. A lot of women are like that.
It would be nice if the windo were bigger, but still a good flash.

Loved It

I really liked this flash. The animation was very well done, and the music complimented it perfectly. It gave me a sense of wonderment. Keep up the good work!

loved it

just the fact that it is based on a mix of your dreams makes this really intense, and much diff from things here on newgrounds. its very creative! i like it alot