Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck Therapy"

It's so good can you make something for teens

why can't it be this easy in real life?

Nice prototype for mroe sophisticated graphics and anatomies to come from Vad!

Obvious scenario doesn't make it bad - far from it! And lovely-looking highly fuckable nurses. I like the closing scene: sometimes missing in later games. It's fitting, and well-deserved, he gets to cum over the m both, and nice to see them smiling contentedly post-fucking, happy to share being cummed on.

Also nice - wicked - to have him repeating the empty lure of pornstar riches. If I was cynical, I'd ask for a follow-up "Some Months Later" splash where by now they're sex-addicted and "starring" in bukkake parties, or else sacked from the hospital for gross misdemeanors with patients, and probably hooking for a living (at the budget end of the market - working the streets).

Oh, and btw: nice that in 2008, no anal was needed! ;)

Great concept, I love doctors porn stories and this game fulfilled the subject perfectly.

good i learned how to fuck girls

i'm 9

when i grow up i'll meet the girls and fuck them.