Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck Therapy"

the girls are perfect the graphics are nice and I climaxed within 5-10 minutes 10/10 would play again :D

good game awesome sex

hahahaha your modeling start now hahahahah it make laugh keep it up

a great theraphy... i wish i can hear it but my speaker is broken ahhaha

First of all, I am german. And so, maybe my english description is not the best ... like other members do write here. Because it doesn't is my native language, okay !?

Marvelous game ... sex with a hot nurse (or maybe, twice ... with two ^^), who doesn't dream from that ? GUILTY ^^ ... me also ! ^^

I prefer both ... because both have big boobs. ^^

No, wait, I prefer Katie ... because she wear glasses. ^^

Stop, I prefer Jade (Jane ?) more ... because she have dark hair. ^^

Reverse ... I think, I prefer both (glasses and hair doesn't so matter). ^^

No, a joke.


Naturally a awsome game, with nice turns (in more than only on way ^^) and a simple, good storyline. Design, artwork also very beautiful. The idea is nice, and to give extra the wrong respond makes fun. Also there backwards comments. That is enjoyment on a high level, a game what makes you horny and let you laugh in the same time.

good work, well done ... 4 stars, because you can it better, and you have it make ( later/before).