Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

cool game

this game is cool, and creative. gets u drawn to it.


I'm horrible with these kind of games, but I managed to beat it. I have no idea how long it took me though, I didn't pay attention. Overall, it was a fun game.


it was fun but easy beat it on my first time

Really fun

My only complaint is, once you've bought everything, the game starts to get boring. Perhaps raising the difficulty even more as you progress can fix this problem, or maybe more enemies with more creative ways of killing them. I'm not saying add more weapons, just have different ways of using them. Other than that, it was great


it was fun at first but after you get all the upgrades thers nothing new im just sitn ther only stoping a few birds or flames that the snipers dont get to ez i know its is a pain to come up with more ideas but this game has bin done so much it was a nice spin on it but need more stuff so you dont get bord as quick