Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

It was fun.

The graphics for the game are ok. Of course you used Dan Paladins style of art, but you used it so well I can't lower your score cause of that.

The sounds weren't so good. I found some sounds to be really loud and some whisper quiet. The Gatling Guns sounded way to low.

I would also like to mention that the game got very repetitive. Over all it was pretty fun to play. 9/10

Easy, fun, game

It was easy and short, but i like the whole buying thing, and i would probably play again.

Absolutely fond of this game

The game is perfectly animated, drawn with style and fun. What else could I ask, let aside some Aragon poetry?
Great piece of Flash.

great game

This game was realy fun, and i love these types of graphics, but the see looked a bit stiff and boring compared to every other vibrant thing. The enemies were great, but there should be upgraded versions of each, and the boat should be harder to repair.

An idea i thought of whilst playing for more monsters would be if you used the wrong weapon on one. For example, using the flame on the Flameballs (or watever they are called) would make them bigger, or turn into the white flame like the weapon we use. Or using water on the marshmellow would make it a soggy marshmellow, making it harder to burn. But those are just ideas. :D

Anyway, great game to play, fun and slightly challenging, but different difficulties would be great.


hmm nice

Not bad, but the whole random wave thing didnt really get any interesting, it just got too easy when you get all snipers and sniper skills, but overall its awesome :)