Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

Basic yet entertaining.

played this on armor games... pretty fun.


not bad. not bad at all

A great, new approach for Defense Games!

This game was really interesting. As a fan of Defense Games I really enjoyed that I didn't had to smash my mouse in order to make some progress.

The different kinds of weapons and enemies were also very interesting. You had to think a little bit and to react instead of just buying the biggest weapon.

The game was a little bit too short and easy, though. It's OK not to be tooo challenging, but my Ship never really got damaged. But I think this opinion will change of one tries to end the game in the shortest days possible. Altought 14 Rounds doesn't seem that long to me.


[: Definitely liked it a lot.

Awesome game

Really great Pirate game, love the variety of the enemies. The only imporvement I would suggest is for ALL of the monsters to have weakness', because I remember one not having any and it made it a bit more challenging than neccasary