Reviews for "Shore Siege!"


Good game but its to easy

i like

I enjoyed this game a lot. I played all the way through. I like the concept and the fact you have to keep buying things and what not to beat it. I think you could make this much better than it already is with more time put into it. You could have an amazing game on your hands.


i really like the fact of using more than one type of weapon....but try some more enemies or perhaps even levels next time.

A little easy...

But still is a fun game. 9/10

More defense games need to be like this

What I like most about this game is that you have to be interactive with the items and the enemies to win. Most defense games just make build towers and such that just auto-fire making you feel like you aren't really a part of the game. This game makes you manage and click on items to kill certain enemies, making it more of a challenge. Lots of fun, good job on this.