Reviews for "Shore Siege!"

9 ho!

I won in 18 days. The enemies are cute(sort of). but you should make a weapon upgrade like the sniper does, since they are too weak once you upgrade. You should Add the enemies every other day, so you don't have dinosaurs coming after you on day 10.
9/10 for the other things, though :)

Good :)

It's a pretty good game in the beginning, but it gets boring toward the end, which I take a star off for :(. However, this is a great tower defense game, and I agree with Dark-orchestra that "click to kill" is better than "set up a tower and do nothing". The graphics are great, my speakers aren't working so I can't really rate the sound, and the gameplaay is real unique (but too easy).

I'd implant a difficulty setting and put more new stuff toward the end-game :)


this game is pretty damn awesome...
there , now i have written my first useless review but anyway about the game this is a fun yet still casual defense game.it is hard to some yet easy to others but personally i found it easy (though it took me 20 days as i wasnt repairing till after everything was unlocked ;P.) but the difficulty is fine tuned so those who find it too easy will have reason to play again to try and finish in a shorter time.
it is the first defense game (on the internet.) i have played wher to kill a certain enemy you must use a certain weapon (unless you include the artillery but you have to pay for it and it has a delay.) and the evil beaver things spice up the combat as you must use artillery , snipers or turrets to kill all of which cost money. the upgrading of weapons adds a level of depth to the frantic clicking but if a sequel is made i would advise to add more stats to improve as there are the possibilities for a more in depth level of play (such as adding levels to each weapon and being abl to by better versions of each)
overall it was fun while it lasted but those who found it too easy will have little reason to come back after they did it once so i will give you a solid 9/10.
there is yet another long review.
ps: i apolagise for any possible spelling mistake as i am typing in a dark room.


I'll have to say that was a pretty fun Deffense game. Only complaint is how easy it was to beat. Would love to see some hot-key integration and maybe lower the prices by half and lower the money income by about 2.5...Could also maybe make the bomb not so effective on everything. The only time I lost health was when I got hit by a bird because I couldn't get the cage to drop on him properly. But all and all this is a very well made game.


Good game, but why did they throw the captain off that just saved their lives?!?