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Reviews for "Just a Pilot- Short1"

pmsl! XD

been there done that haha
but we drank like 3 big bottles of this wierd energy drink
was insane XD


I loved it, but im surprised that there wasnt a reference to Futurama in there. or perhaps it was going to fast that i didnt see it.



imgonnabelateforwork WAHAHAHAUHHAGHAGAHA!!!!!!!!!!! that was funny!! keep it up


The style was cute, and the humour was great. Overall I would have to say it was AMAZING. Can't wait to see what you can do when your not relying on Hyperactivity and speed humour.
Cant wait to see the next short. Scientology is always full of Lolz. ;D

Alienslushie responds:

We're making something before the scientology episode... ever heard of... CAPTAIN PLANET?


I liked the art style and the song is definitely "Know Your Enemy". its played well though :]