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Reviews for "Just a Pilot- Short1"

No noise.

Lol, pretty good I must say.

awesome shit brother

this cartoon takes me back....... good times. love it. in any way inspired by that futurama episode where Fry drinks 100 coffees?

Alienslushie responds:

Lol... maybe subliminaly... but before work I get really nervous that I'll be too tired and lazy to do anything so I decided one day that is 1 coffee makes me fast... 30 or so would make me super fast... not a good idea.

i loved it! well, except...

...the audio syncing. that was the only bad thing about the whole experience. the story, graphics, and dialog were great, but you've got to sync the audio and video better. it got rather... irritating. keep up the good work, though. i can't wait to see the zombie flash. ^_^


I really really loved this!

When he was popping the rain I actually laughed out loud. That rarely happens with me. The only thing seperating this a 9 from a 10 is it was terribly sinced. Either that or you used event sounds rather than streaming. Other than that Animation, 8. Very likable and smooth. Sound, 7. 1 voice irratated me alot. The clown man. Story. Excellent. 5/5 9/10

Alienslushie responds:

Thankyou. I'm glad to hear you rofled.
BTW. Stop making Parodies and go back to the good stuff.

Highly enjoyable and entertaining.

I gotta say, after watching it well over 10 times it still never gets old haha. But one question, it the music at the beginning and especially at the end a cover of "Know your Enemy" by rage against the machine? I could tell at the end credits it kinda cuts out before the main riff starts but I can recognize it anywhere.

Keep up the good work eh.