Reviews for "Edible Castle #6"


but the broken leg thing made me feel bad


I can't believe he broke his legs to win a -bleep-y limbo contest, but,, as always, it is wort a ten!

very funny

I like how when middle finger rings shows himself and says 'not so fast limbo losers' the king and his people gasp as if he's a huge threat and then the king asks 'who the hell are you?' I also like how they start discussing the limbo off and calling it different things and how the Juster beats middle finger by breaking his legs. Anyway I hope that you come out with the next season soon.

Hot limbo action at its finest.

I love how short these episodes are, I watch a bunch of them in a small amount of time. Anyway, this episode was very enjoyable. Middle Finger Rings was a very creative character, I like how the story about how you chose him as well. 'm glad to see the Fairy has returned from the Halloween episode too. The part when everyone was debating about the Lemboff was hilarious, it sounded like it would be something from The Office. Keep up the great work you two!


Great movie but... ouch... i really felt that.