Reviews for "Destroyer of Worlds"

great game

very fun love the upgrades and the levels

very good!

i liked it

was really good



Really loved the graphics and the gameplay, also loved the upgrade system, generally everything. Overall 10.

There's just too...

much going on for the ship to handle. If you could speed it up then you would have a killer game. Anyhow, you did a great job on game. Way to go.......vp

I dont know why these guys are complaining...

Listen, bro. I PERSONALLY know how hard it is to make a game. You put alotta work into this, and I think that it is a great game. It was fast-paced and got me moving and biting my lip when the EMP first went off! :P However, I do believe that the ascension to levels didn't promise much. There were only a few types of enemies and each level you would add only one new type of obsticle. More variety would make this game a front pager. Maybe you should look up some sprites to make it look more realistic. Other than that, great job. I enjoyed this game very much.