Reviews for "Destroyer of Worlds"

great game

very fun love the upgrades and the levels

very good!

i liked it

was really good



Really loved the graphics and the gameplay, also loved the upgrade system, generally everything. Overall 10.

There's just too...

much going on for the ship to handle. If you could speed it up then you would have a killer game. Anyhow, you did a great job on game. Way to go.......vp

This game is easy, short and simple but very fun and fast paced.

Simply finishing the game is easy I did if from first attempt and without dying finished game in 8 and half minutes.

To finish the game in under 6 minutes and see the best ending was very challenging trough and took me many many tries at least thirty.

Tips to see best ending:
- Realize that to finish the level you must shoot the rocket launching ship and all other enemies will blow up, so killing them before is optional and can be skipped to save time.
- Do not waste time shooting side turrets.
- Do shoot EMP stations and Nuclear stations as they obstruct your shots from the main target.
- Try to get hit as rarely as possible to save money on repairs and have more money to spend on firepower.
- Do get 3rd and final weapon upgrade ASAP. Despite some commenters saying that this weapon sucks, it actually has better damage per time then lasers, but it has rare powerful blasts instead of rapid weak attacks therefore you must actually aim with this thing instead of autofire. It is harder but more rewarding and must be mastered to get best ending. Try to get it at least for the last two levels.
- As first upgrade choose rapid laser attacks, it is most useful to complete early and midgame levels fast. But do not upgrade laser rapidness any more then one time because this attack doesnt benifit the last weapon, which apparently does not classify as a laser, despite being faster then lasers. After first upgrading laser speed once, continue to only upgrade weapon type and power, to finish under 6 minutes get final weapon and 3rd power upgrade.