Reviews for "Clear Vision: Elite"

another great clear vision

the next one ( if there is one), he should get married, his wife should be killed, and then he should come out of retirement and kill again... im just giving an opinion becuase i love clear vision and i hope theres more...


coo0ol g@me1

very nice game

this is a very nice game, and the music in the beginning is great 10/10 :D

WTF with Stanislav?

Overall a very good game, i liked the other 2 games too (please make more), just a bug... in the Stanislav guy mission, the one with the camp and the 2 men, i killed both and then nothing happens, waited for ages and the "mission complete" page didn't cam. I think im the only one with this issue. Please help. And thanks, good game.

PD: yeah, allready tried killing one first and then the other in both orders.

it's awesome!

it freaking awesome but at the same time it's hard. i suggest to read the walkthrough first.