Reviews for "Clear Vision: Elite"

i love it

u rule
i win


But next time, take out the cursor please. It keeps blocking the center of the cross target...
So yeah, if you could make it so that you only moved the view of the gun, instead of having the cursor blocking it, it would be nice..

Other than that, it was pretty cool.

ehhh still awsome!

i really liked this one because you get to choose upgrades and a different weapons but it kinda is a little easy.. Oh and the ending is so freaking homo -_-


It was a great game, the magician was fun. I thought the difficulty is satisfactory, and for those who rated it down because it " wasnt hard enough" shouldnt even be rating. It was fun anyways


Hehe this game isn't hard! I only failed 1 mission (the boat one, i shot the wrong 13th window). But regardless of that.. great game! Really fun, but i got the best gun and its upgrades really early, so mabye you should make it cost more, or harder to get money?