Reviews for "Clear Vision: Elite"

It is...

... perfectly perfect. the missions were hard enough and it was a smart thing that with the magician. though that the mexico mission was shity hard, it doesn't lose on AWSOMNES. the only bad thing was that i had P4 with double core 1.6Ghz and it runned slow even on low quality, somewhere about 15-20fps and i have a crapy connection with only 3 GB download monthly restriction so dad almost killed me because the price of that large download, over and over again costed me about 350$. so next time you make a game make the size LESS then 6MB

Nearly perfect.

Would be a 10/10 if there wasn't a glitch in the desert area where you still die even if all the 4 gunners are dead.

good game

the only problem was that you got the name of the .50 cal wrong. its the M107, not the M701

fun but 8/5

you should be able to shot them in the arms and legs and stuff


more a game of reflexes than anything else. I'd edit the image of the list so you can see the names crossed off before you click on it. I also think you lose too much moeny for failing.