Reviews for "Clear Vision: Elite"

AAAAAGGGGHHHHH... not as good... :( plz read.

I wanted to love this but I hate sniping games where you have to buy the guns. OH and the worst part is that you lost 500 dollars every time you lose. I WAS BROKE AND SELLING ALL MY STUFF!!!!!! I COULDN'T BEAT THE LAST LEVEL BECAUSE I ONLY HAD THE FIRST RIFLE AND NO MONEY!!!!! there should be a way to replay missions you already beat to get more money. or something like that. And why is it that when I get shot every time it's an instant kill. They can't get a head shot every time! IT'S MACHINE GUNs NOT A FREAKEN ROCKET SNIPER RIFLE! I loved the first two but this one just felt sloppy. Why is it that you have to kill a FREAKEN WIZARD! JACK IS A PROFESSIONAL ASSASSIN! NOT SOME MAGICAL BOUNTY HUNTER! and the way you kill him just doesn't make sense. He can dodge bullets but not a electric wire falling in slow motion towards him??!! I BEG OF YOU!!! PLZ MAKE A BETTER ONE AND ACTUALLY SPEND TIME ON THE STORY! and no shops or money. and plz fix the accuracy. I know it's supposed to be realistic but that doesn't mean he has to have FREAKEN SPAZ ATTACKS WHEN YOUR AIMING! I GUESS JACK IS GETTING TWITCHY IN HIS OLD AGE RIGHT? WRONG!!!!!!!! IT'S FREAKEN JACK! I'm sorry but this game wasn't fun. I know this was supposed to be a challenge but you should of added a classic mode so it would be more like the first 2. thx for reading this lol. Oh and make it so you can at least injure people when you shoot them in the chest. Why do I have to get a HEAD SHOT! Can't I wound them. Does everyone wear bullet proof mega suits or something and they forget to put on their helmet! ugggg that is all. I'm not being mean. I'm just being honest. The first 2 were gold. This one is a sloppy sniping game. There are tons of those on newgrounds so it's not the first time I got frustrated. I'm still a fan and I would like to look forward to your next sniping game. good luck. lol... :)

Daani responds:

That some good points, I appreciate your honesty and I can gladly let you know that a heavily improved/going back to classics type of Clear Vision is almost completed for the AppStore.

Good, but

1 an2 were better

clear vision elite

i done 1 and 2. this better be good

p.s go to x videos


let us be able to pick hakes outfit hava car or somethin and like 30 or 50 missions that would be sweet great game


A great game from start to finish, good graphics for each of the levels, good, fairly realistic firing of guns, and some very hard levels.
Thanks for the wonderful game!

And to all trying to beat the two hardest missions.
Johan Kristoffersson: Kill the two men on the left first, then move to the right. After, keep an eye out for the man on the snow-mobile.

Mike Fernando: As before, go from left to right with the soldiers. Remember, the man wearing the hat is never going to wake up.