Reviews for "Clear Vision: Elite"

Incredible Shooting game.

Mission Difficulty: Very Easy
Guy walks up to enemy and shoots him for you. LMAO

Very well crafted, and it involves guns...

10/10; 5/5


i agre whit what youre saying this game is not only cool and easy its beast :D

the game

this game is easy if you are patient and skilled. the problem is on the mike fernando or whatever level. i can kill all the targets in rapid succession very fast but in the end i still get killed some how. still, other than that, this is a great game. keep up the good work :)


i liked 1 and 2 but elite is just horrible i keep shooting these guys in the head they just dont diy

Daani responds:

Since when did people die of beeing shot in the head?:S

this game...

this game is beast! i love the challenge and everything about it!