Reviews for "Madness.jpg"

Great work and very stylish!

Great artwork as usual Deathink! I especially love this one both because it's from a series that I love and both because it reminds me of Frank Miller's comics...I fucking love it! :D

Yes! Now it's the time for me to Kneel to you for making one of the best Madness Day contribution I've ever seen! I trusted you that this stylish art have made my day! O_O

Are you thinking about making a Madness Combat character version of you with a skull head in the next Madness Day next year?

deathink responds:

Thanks a real lot Scepter, I am real glad yo like it.
I never thought of making a madness submission with me in it, but now that you said it I want to do it!

fucking ILL

deathink responds:

Thanks bro!

"Frank Miller's Madness" is what came to mind.

Don't know how you gonna take that, but it looks great, and got me doing a little contribution for Madness too, keep up the awesome work man!

deathink responds:

Yeah, I like Frank a lot, But I honestly am not trying to copy him, the same thing that influenced him influences me.