Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"

That's the good stuff

Amazing work yet again, Andrew

funny and very creative

I liked the whole toon, especially the theme, which was fun. The whole thing was awesome, especially the moral. Fantastically done and creative too. i liked it.

thats really how we've gotten isn't it?

That story was awesome. Great Animation, Great Voice overs, and graphics, very smooth... it points out how a lot of us have gotten... and seriously... what if we were treated the same way we treat old technology?? o.0.. yeh.. great worK!! :P


Humour all the way through, great twists, well animated and fantastic voice acting.
It was like an elaboration of the Carphone Warehouse adverts, brilliantly done.


This was so funny. The art style is unique and the story was priceless. Instant win!!!