Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"

Like, so TOTALLY awesome!

A flash cartoon of TV quality! This belongs on Cartoon Network or something! I liked how you managed to incorporate a moral into a story that today's generation of teens would find entertaining. Great work, and as always, epic win...


Great animation, Great and original story and great voice acting.
You also didn't use internet fads or sexual humor.

Loved it keep it up

Damien Crossley

TmsT responds:

That's right! Well, I didn't use them in THIS particular episode............... (Internet fads and sexual humour are important to teenagers, so I guess I'll hafta deal with those subjects sooner or later. Not in every episode, though.)


great, that was amazing, keep up the amazing work!


That was very well done, the animation was awesome and the voice acting was good too. a lil cheezy but very very good. I hope to see the second one soon.

Way too much time and effort

to be only 3rd place. The quality of the storytelling and expressions are on par for a television production. Good work!