Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"

Holy Crap!

That was unbelievable! The quality wat top notch. And you maneged to keep that quality thoughout the whole flash. And it was looooooong! Very impressive, never got boring, the jokes where suprisingly good, and the animation and voiceacting where excellent as well.
Definitly one of the better flashes on Newgrounds. I recon this will end up in the top 50, and stay there for a long, long time.

loved it

awesome! that was great, and funny, now i feel bad for my old phane:) excellent, keep it up, loved it really art content humor story..alll

Well, at least it was long.....

As far as the animation goes, i can sum it up in a simple quote, "It was the best of times and the worst of times." While i understand that the over exaggeration is apart of your style, many times during the film i found it overdone and annoying. The audio was simply terrible in both quality and content, the voices sounded like they were read off a script. The "Moral" seems a bit surreal to me. Phones aren't alive and disposing of them not only doesn't hurt anyone or anything, as long as u recycle, but replacing them with newer phones helps our economy. And as far as the whole "How would u feel like to be replaced?" idea, that bitch deserved it. She was whiny and heartless; when you act like that you get replaced. Plus she's obviously retarded (or you are, one or the other). She couldn't figure out an answer at the end? Seems simple to me, take back her old phone and send the replacement sis. back to her old parents. Or if thats not an option, the replacement girl could stay and just join the family. Overall I understand that you put a lot of work into this and tried to put some sort of message behind it and for that I salute you, for while i personally didn't like your animation, it far surpasses the average filth that passes through this website. I recommend that next episode you put some real effort into a "Moral", tone down the animation exaggeration (lol, rhyme), and get some people who actualy know how to act to play the voices. God bless and good luck.

TmsT responds:

I read the first 3 lines of your review and realised that you completely missed the point. Then I read the line below your review, "People think this is a useless review". I didn't bother to read the rest, but I'm sure it is just further evidence of you trying ever so hard to misinterpret something that the rest of us are enjoying. Have fun being special, just like all the other people who think that hating the protagonist is totally cool and trendy and alternative. I'm assuming you went on to rant about how you totally failed to relate to Mindy or sympathise with her and how much you hate airheaded girls because they won't talk to you in real life. And then you probably tried to give me your own version of how things should have turned out and how YOU would have animated it if only you weren't such a lazy whiney poser who just expects everything to be done for him. And then you'd say, "And don't try saying 'well let's see you do better'" in an attempt to justify your argument, forgetting that you're still a lazy whiney poser with nothing to offer. Yes, I know your type. You are a minority, rest assured, so I guess that makes you special, but you're still boring. Too boring to even make fun of in an animation.

So good than i'll trow it up and watch it again

Wow, the animation is intended to be so intense, I love it when it comes like that.


Great story, lively animation and overall a top-work.
Great pleasure to watch.
10/10 & 5/5 from me.