Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"


Humour all the way through, great twists, well animated and fantastic voice acting.
It was like an elaboration of the Carphone Warehouse adverts, brilliantly done.


That was such a cute animation.

I felt so sorry for Mindy's old phones. The little one was so cute! LOL

Great job! :)

Nice job!

Really nice job man, great story, great animation, loved it!! :D

Hah I Lold

Like the animation style and the sound was good as well.
Artwork was interesting and the concept was pretty original.

Mindy is really one of those spoiled brats you love to hate XD!

Also raises an important point through the funny's. WTH do you "need" a new fone constantly? Disposable society blows!

This flash rox! 9/10


Well animated and stuff...but too plastic and, you know, stupid.

TmsT responds:

You missed the point. Please try again!