Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"


It was sad, almost made me cry :D For the ppl saying it was too long, u are just impatient. I think it was the perfect length, any longer and it would have been too long...

TmsT responds:

It's just an attention span-vs-maturity thing. A lot of younger people had certain "expectations" about the animation before the the intro was over. My fault for misleading them! :D

nice animation style

I like how all the facial expressions were exaggerated
(and did anyone else notice the old phone had a better voce synthesizer than the new phone?)

TmsT responds:

That's right! But remember how it ended? That explains it all.... ;D *no spoilers*

I lol'd at the cat picture.

I like the zany style you used for all the characters. I hate some of the new phones. My phone company supplied me with the LG RUMOR, but I hate it because of it being an open face phone and always dialing numbers in Kansas or a shit load of asterisks and # keys. I prefer the old ones as well! I think texting is useless... I still like custom and downloadable ringtones though.

That actually wasn't bad...

It was surprisingly well-animated, it wasn't too weird, and it had a well-constructed plot. It wasn't lol funny, and the speech audio was low and warbled, but it was still enjoyable.


you know you have too much time on your hands wheeenn....

seriously thats a good moral that most teenage girls need to learn but dont put it into a flash cartoon.
all in all the animation was great ran reall smooth. tho it was long and drawn out