Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"


This was so funny. The art style is unique and the story was priceless. Instant win!!!



can't have been more true!

lol, it was a little too true... just about made me crap my pants when i started to see her, she was a little too much like someone i had met... it was just too much like her... freeky...

anyway, i like the story, i have not seen anything like it before, and you say that this had only taken 2 weeks!?!

24 and 1/2 stars, it was just too true dude... too true!


Well, the animation was great, the sounds was great, but that horrid storyline really killed it for me. It played on way too long. The only reason im giving this a "4" is because i actually know a blonde girl who is just like the main character. Its almost a little uncanny how close it resembles her. That part made me laugh.

TmsT responds:

We at TmsTeen(TM) do not endorse materialistic blonde teenage girls, nor do we endorse or condone the ideals and values for which they stand. This is a work of fiction, and if any storylines or characters portrayed therein happen to resemble actual events or persons either living or dead, then it is purely coincidental.

-Andrew Kepple, TmsT PR/Legal dept.

cool nice flash

the story was a bit fucked up but the animation and voices were really good