Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"

Blown away.

That was extremely worthy of a 10 rating. The art was flawless, good enough to be on television. The plot was exciting and grabbed my attention the whole way through. Just when I though it was done you added unexpected twists. Very clever, very original and I wish I could draw neighborhoods like the one you had in this.

Great job

Very well done


One of the best flashes I have seen recently on NG. Love the animation ond the story. Can't wait for ep. 2 :)


talk about epic. and funny

Now THAT was an episode

It's easy to get wrapped up in quick animations just because it is Flash, and a lot of people have come to expect that. But, this had some really good production quality and a complete story that effectively fills the length of the movie. Your style reminds me of Ren & Stimpy (I watched House [sic] first.) which was a cartoon I loved as a kid.

I liked the Twilight Zone feel of your plot progression (Complete with not one, but two twists). Over all, pretty bang up job man. Keep em coming.