Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"

Like Yea

This Is Like, The Most Like.... fuuk it dis shit was hot yo (FAV).

Like OMG!

I liked it, thankfully I'm still on my first cell, Htc Touch. The phone company I'm with takes back the old cell phons so I don't have to worry about upgrading. XD Great movie btw, realy enjoyable. <3

Why why why...

why isn't this in the top 50 list? xD It's freakin' awesome!!! Great work man!


That was a pretty good one, long movie, but it was good to watch.

Very nice.

The whole concept behind it was nice. I think it was a little bit more than just poking fun at the drama teens. The animation was smooth, and the voices on cue. The style of drawing here fit it just perfectly, in my opinion, and you stuck behind the title, she learned a moral. Overall, it was enjoyable, made me giggle a few times, and had parts I really didn't expect. Well done.