Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"


i never knew a phone could bend that way

Daisy.. Daisy...

Great animation and amusing, though, it teaches you a moral... if you repeatedly discard your phone the second a new one comes out... then your life will be replaced by a girl who looks nothing like you... >3>

and epic

that was awesome. It's an epic story of love, betrayal and reconciliation all wrapped up in a funky fresh gloss about a phone.

luv it :3


This is really funny to me, since I just got a new phone. Though, my world of the discarded would be only 2 phones....My last one, and a phone from the 90's I got from my dad...My first phone was stolen, and I lost my second....

But this is really unrelated to the flash...This is hilarious, though how is Mindy able to take a picture on her cell phone of her holding her cell phone?

Well played young padawan

I don't think that this video was really so much 'funny' as it was morally important, but not bad. May the force be with you