Reviews for "Mindy Learns a Moral"


that's deep..........deep SHIT!


that was so long and it wasnt even that funny at all how did she get rid of that many cell phones whenever cell phones have only been out for like 12 years did she get like a new one every week?
that was just downright stupid im glad she got eaten but dr.house in the one video


I have to agree with TheWakkatic, thr video was fun until that little blue phone started talking. All around though, I am impressed with how much work was put into this.

2 words...



I was rather impressed with the way you made the old phone seem like a fully-developed character without actually having it speak.The way it moved as if it was a person, and the way it expressed its sentiments by deleting the photographs of Mindy worked really well.

And then it started talking.

You can't show off your characterization talents and then throw them away within the same movie. And it certainly didn't help that the phone's voice actor didn't know what he was doing.