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Reviews for "Super HyberDoze"


it's too boring, you should make the baddies come faster but easier

That sucked!

That was slow and boring and took too long to load.

its alright

cant say any thing soory dont find that offencef please

Really cool!

I loved this game but I see 1 flaw and that's that you have to figure out how to destroy enemies in a split second which gets hard as you get further in the otherwise great job!

Amazing and original!

I simply love this game! It is interactive, it has a lot of immagination and "out of the box" thinking!
The style is beautiful! Although you could polish it a bit more by adding slightly more details to each object (although that may cause some minor lag on older pc... but then - get a better pc!).
This game has its way to the frontpage, or at least deserves a good rating!
Create more with your nice little style and hopefuly your skills will be recognized!