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Reviews for "Super HyberDoze"

Very good!

I loved it it was a really good game it reminded me of the wii (IDK why)

i loved it made me relax and have fun at the same time!

but it was too short!

make it longer

Very enjoyable experience

Good, soothing music, fun premise, great graphics. This is a very nice game to play when you want to relax and have fun without seeing exploding bodies or gore.


its been awhile since i have played a game like this! the style of game play is rather more interactive than others that i have played. the graphics are sleek, and the music is smooth. the difficulty is nicely progressive.


it's a nice game, but very short :(

Great Job!

This game is fun and easy to understand, it also has excellent music. My only complaint is that it is way too short!