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Reviews for "Super HyberDoze"


i wasted a minute of my life that im never gana get back...

This game is so cool!

I loved it!Though the rocks were hard to kill which slowed me down.

slow but good

wow that good

pretty fun

yeah like i just said its pretty fun but its to slow

Good idea, somewhat lacking in gameplay

Nice concept at least. The problem is that it's too easy to accidently wake her up (with bouncing rocks and such) and when such accidents are happening there isn't really any way to stop them except extreme luck and reflexes. This wouldn't be such a big deal if there was more than one chance (a 'wake up' meter would have been a very handy feature), but as it is the game isn't attractive enough to warrant repeated tries after an unlucky fail (which usually occur while you're still trying to learn how to defeat the next foe).