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Reviews for "Super HyberDoze"

Solid game good programming and worked very well good entertainment value

Great game.

I give this game a 10 for one reason and one reason only. It follows the basic guide-lines to good game making. For those of you who do not know what that is, I will spell it out for you. This game has a simple concept so it relied on other factors to make it a good game. Such as simple but good animation and great programing. It runs smooth and it does not have anything anoying about it. Finally it has the one thing every game needs to be successful. Replay value and the ability to waste time.

Too Simple

This wasn't really that fun but it was something to do. 5/10


I love this game.
The gameplay is challenging, but fun. The graphics and music are alltogether great and build up a joyfull, serene atmosphere.
Its relaxing.

Simble but great

Great music, great idea, i love the way you present it.
But, minor detail but still usefull: quality setup (cuz my computer s**k) and maybe just a little pause, if not the game is just perfect for passing time.