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Reviews for "blek koffi"

criminally underrated, but hopefully not for long

i think this could very well be your best work yet wps. it had all the usual staples of your flashes: mind bending visuals, insanely fucked up humor, nice soundtrack, wonderful fbf. but the artwork in this one was on a new level. the expressions on the characters really had a lot of feeling in them. man that dog had me cracking up. and i also loved the creative use of claymation, that was hilarious.

you are fuckin deranged but WOW are you talented, i hope this gets FP. once more people see it, i think it'll catch on.

You know what is funny?

People who like to criticise and bleed their vaginas out in great submissions when they got no flash animations in their gallery.
If you want to feel like a professional critic then prove that you can make something better, not just bitch at something, you dicks.

This movie is just great, take out that it has no extremely intense plot and that it is creepy, jusge flash movies for the effort put unto them, not the "intention".

I just read over one special review that said "What was the point on making this again? :/" What the fuck? Do you need a point to make a movie, or to submit a flash movie to newgrounds? If thats what you feel, what's the point of making stupid fucking sonic the hedgehod meets pikachu and kingdom hearts sprite movies?

That Was the BEST!

yeah the style was creepy but so? it was cool. I thought it was great by so many things, the animation, the sounds, the music, like the germs and all those things were cool the dog draggin the oldman, the girl gettin so scared she got her period, the funniest thing was the dog smiling. ooh the Crow was the best.

W-P-S responds:

yeh I love that crow as well

I agree

Microbes are tasty

I just stopped drinking Koffi!

I've seen some random things on NG, but this takes the cake, pie, twinkie, cookie, and muffin. Great movie!