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Reviews for "blek koffi"

Love your stuff

Hehe, I always enjoy watching your movies. They are unpredictable.

Wicked crazy!

This was frickin' wild! but I liked it, your talent for creating bizarre and twisted drawings and animations is great. I like how the old man looks into his "koffi" mug and views all sorts of bizarre images and then later says "blek koffi" as though all of the strange things he saw in the drink completely destroyed his desire of drinking it. That was a very clever wayto showcase your drawing talent. Great work!


Talk about diverse animation, you took multiple ways with yours. Love the art style! Its weird, disturbing, and funny. Reminds me a bit of the Triplets of Bellvelle on steroids.

Great job.

Yet another beautiful piece of shit by the nefarious W-P-S.


And that my friends is why I don't drink coffee!