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Reviews for "blek koffi"

More wicked brilliance.

I love this flash to death. The animations and drawings were great, they fit your twisted warped fucked up brand of humour perfectly. This and Magical Rainbow Pedophile are enough to solidify your position in my favourite authors list! Keep up the awesome work.

No tablet?! :O

What the hell!! I do believe my mind has been blown...

Holy s#*t!

WTF just happened! You made a really crazy flash!... You get points for disturbing weirdness, because the disturbing weirdness was interesting...in a disturbingly weird way.(I'm going to stop now.)^_^

Awsome But Unkool!

D: The puppy died D:
D: WHY!?!?!?!??!?! D:
:D It was pretty damn funny, Go Sicker :P