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Reviews for "blek koffi"

i admit

it was good animation and a bit funny in some parts but it was totally demented and creepy can you plz put that in the author coments that its creepy? and gross (if it wasn't all gorey with ugly ppl and not that good sex jokes then it would be ok)


Weird enuff for some lulz... I'm guessing you weren't sober when you came up with the idea for this. XD


WEll you must have had drugs or something while animating this, because it sure looks like you did.

Anyways, this was really random but did have a strange story but still it did. Everyone looked so ugly, lol.

I give you a good score only for those drawings, and for lulz.


Have to say I liked it, nice style of twisted art, and whatever the story was seemed to follow in its grace. Reminds me of Ren and Stimpy in the more exagerated scenes.


Really hardcore shit, I love the style of the humor, graphics were excellent, and so was the animation. Keep up the good work, overall 10.