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Reviews for "blek koffi"


Great voices! Great music! Great animation! I can tell a lot of time and effort went into this flash. To be quite honest, I can see this flash even being put on TV somewhere along the lines of Cartoon Network most likely.

I for one...

Am failing to see how this is anything like Ren & Stimpy, oh well.
I truly love your style, its messed up in a glorious way and is complimented by some great animation.
The stop-motion parts were also a nice touch, is always swell to see multiple animation techniques combined into one movie.

A double bravo to you sir.

I am very sorry. Bit I have forgotten to be like the majority of these reviewers and say that you're on drugs because that is apparently required for a creative mind like yours. How silly of me.

W-P-S responds:

Thanbk you kindly for the nic review

Another outstanding crap? Fucker?

Creativity made you no sense. What to spend this to the what?
Is it drugs or creativity pointrest?
Sorry my english. I m from swedenzoocla. Is another planet on the earth.
I live in giant hole with my cute mouse. I love my mouse more than chocolate and....
I ate her....
OH NO! OH NO!!!!!

W-P-S responds:

hey do you got a caravan?

South African humour

I like it it is odd..but anyone who likes Django is not all bad.


This is an amazing work of pure genius.
It should still be on the front page instead of all that clockday junk.
5 and a 10 for you.
make more!