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Reviews for "SpaceInvaders Multiplayer"

very nice

i enjoyed it

a modern twist to a classic game

this was really cool. the main reason you get 10/10 5/5 is because it was really online, not osme trial version, and you didn't need to sign up on the home page or download the real shit this is a good one.

Good Game

GG is what this is. I enjoyed this game for my whole luch break. I pretty much say that any classic game that gets remade into the new age online multiplay is going to be fun.

I do agree that there should have been sheilds and the delay on firing was annoying, but Im not complaining because it YOUR game and your made it YOUR way. People who give it a 1 because they didnt like the fact they can only shoot one bullet at a time need to learn to aim.

kinda cool

its kinda cool but u need to make the return to lobby button work and add more features but other than that is awsome!!!!

good technical knowledge but bad idea

For a days work this is impressive, it's just a shame space invaders doesn't really compliment a multiplayer system like this, since the game is so basic. I noticed some martians seemed to randomly explode at the start. but I'll assume that was just lag.