Reviews for "SpaceInvaders Multiplayer"

realy repeditive

this game is rely repetitive, also didn't space invaders have basses at the bottom!! i cant play this game for a long time and not many partys to be in and like i siad i played for a bit but then quicly got borded i think this game dosnt derserve to stay for that long its pretty basic over all....its a good ideay for a cliasic remic but i think you messted up leaving out basses. Another big fault is chating i cant chat without dieing so might as well for get about it....

kinda cool

its kinda cool but u need to make the return to lobby button work and add more features but other than that is awsome!!!!

Nice work here

Nice work making a Multiplayer Space Invaders game here, this game was fun especially online, we don't get games like this often! Sadly yes the return button needs to be fixed too, it was a great game none the less as a spin-off from a good ol classic! 8/10 5/5 How to improve... you may want to update the graphics if possible like make them more 3D looking, nice work none-the-less, the retro supporters will love you


I personally think u can make it alot better i mean like special rounds..bosses..powerups
Just by starting, and also it is so slow to shoot

But Its a nice multiplayer!

its great but one tiny bug

the return to lobby button does not work