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Reviews for "SpaceInvaders Multiplayer"


but their needs to be only like 2-3 guys in at once


you should make a multiplayer galaga becus its one of my favorite games and i still play it to this day same with spaceinvaders but i still think galaga deserves a multiplayer game just like this game here did ';';';';';';';';'

a modern twist to a classic game

this was really cool. the main reason you get 10/10 5/5 is because it was really online, not osme trial version, and you didn't need to sign up on the home page or download the real shit this is a good one.

good technical knowledge but bad idea

For a days work this is impressive, it's just a shame space invaders doesn't really compliment a multiplayer system like this, since the game is so basic. I noticed some martians seemed to randomly explode at the start. but I'll assume that was just lag.

needs somthing

i liked it but it will be better if u added powerups or someting