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Reviews for "Three Shears for Scissors"

Good sense of humor..

My only suggestion is CUT out the part with the doctor. AHHAHAHAHAAAHAHAA, get it!? No seriously that wasn't very funny and went on too long. The rest of the flash was great! 4/5 9/10

lol that hilarious

i thought it was okay, but then the ending made me laugh

Cute little flash.

Quite enjoyable indeed,i like the idea of the Rock,Paper Scissors battle with the actual things and the hospital scene was also funny and it ended perfectly with the gun and the song to,very well made and yeah a little bit of a weak ending but it still did great justice.

Do Not Discount This Flash!

Ok, at first I thought this was some dumb little flash, but the end completely made up for it. I've seen such spoofs before, but the twist in this one came unexpectedly and just at the right time for lots of laughs.

The title doesn't really fit though.

I will admit, at first I was bored...

But for myself, and probably MANY other future reviewers to see this flash, the ending was simply perfectly timed and well intended, and really made my day to say the least. I only wish the execution beforehand hadn't hurt my score on this submission, but allow me to assure you that your clever usage of an infamous scene did not go unappreciated. Well done!