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Reviews for "Avo-De"

Not bad but...

the graphics could be better.

cool game

I don't particularly like using wasd because I'm not left handed and I'm not coordinated like that, so an option to use the arrow keys or wasd would be nice for the future :)

arcadebomb responds:

the arrowkeys should be working too (actually the wasd and arrowkeys are enabled in this game)

Okay game

First of all to bluetooth, wtf man. How old are you if you don't know how to play games?
Those three "bullets" are your bombs. You click to shoot with inifinite ammo.

It was okay. Sometimes the enemies would spawn and I would die instantly.
I got up to level 7... I'm guessing there's 15-20 levels..
The game would lag at times, but maybe it's my computer.
The upgrades were good. Protip: Use the 2nd weapon (the blue lines). Don't even bother with the 3rd weapon. Also once you get the heat-seeking ($750) still use the 2nd weapon until you've upgraded that more.

It felt like the same thing over and over a bit. The enemies weren't really tough. There should be a pause between when the enemies spawn between waves and before they shoot. Most enemies do, but the ones that shoot at you don't.

Very nice graphics.

arcadebomb responds:

thank you man

Good Game

I thought the game was pretty good. The upgrade tree worked well, the only problem i found was the same as everyone else which is the lag when you upgrade to better guns.

I also realized that a lot of your enemies came from Geometry Wars, but at least you didn't copy the game.

Overall I thought it had pretty nice graphics and the gameplay wasn't bad. 8/10, 4/5.

good idea and execution with a few small flaws

first off, great game. It was an interesting twist on one of my favorite genres. But there were a few technical issues.

1)lag was pretty bad when you get a lot of particles going. I've got a pretty fast computers, so I can imagine how bad it was on older machines.

2)When you're buying upgrades, enemies don't pause. I was buying upgrades and I left the shop, only to be killed by an enemy that had moved on top of me while I was buying stuff.

Not much else comes to mind. Great game.