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Reviews for "Avo-De"

this game is so lame

it the biggest ripp off iv ever played and i am disgusted of how much you shat on geometry wars y... y wood you use such pathetic triagles and boxxes wen you coudv have sum random hovering fox with a gun or a cat ... i blam this so badly!!!!

cheap guns

a very good game but gun 4 was a bit cheep you could just stand in the middle of the areana an just shoot an it would analate the enemy


this game was good...
it was very similar to geometry wars...
1. some upgrades are actually downgrades; it often narowed the spread of the bullets and when dozens of exploding enemies are trying to kill you this poses a problem.
2. the bomb is actually better on the first tier
3. (biggest problem) enemies that would fire any kind of bullet would spawn right next to me killing me...i played this game through at least 20 times, saving up my mony to upgrade everything and STILL lost at least 4 lives on an easy level to a spawning enemy.
4. lag...i have WOW on my laptop with all of the settings on high...it has never lagged...this game lags SO badly when holding down the fire buuton that it took at least 2 minutes per round (not level).
5. unlimited mode is unlocked after level 5 and yet there is no way back to the main menu and no save feature.

even with these problems i faved it because geomety wars was fun and the leveling system on this actually works better for me.
i know that you probabally wont see this but, please PLEASE fix these if you can please.

Awesome, definitely one of my new favorites.

I'll be playing this until I get every weapon. Excellent upgrades, although I was really hoping the triangle weapon actually shot out in all 4 directions as pictured on the upgrade screen, that woulda been nice. Anyway, it was very well weighted, the music fit well, fun enemies. I particularly liked the ones that slowed down as they approached you, muhahaha, easy to kill. I guess my only gripe is that it might be just a little bit too easy.

Few bugs.

But it's pretty good.


- When you go to the weaponshop, the game should pause.
- When you buy an item, you should not be aloud to buy it again and lose your money.
- When the enemy enters with the lasers attached; the lasers should go away once you destroy one of the links.


- I like how the enemy shoots later on, but you need to take that one step farther and introduce a health and armor system.
- Better upgrades such increase armor, quicker regeneration of armor, better ships with more health, etc.
- Power ups would be cool: Speed boost, temporary invisibility or invulnerability, extra lives, berserker mode (gun shoots faster and you have temporary invulnerability), etc.
- Bigger, more interactive maps with destructible objects and such.
- Save/Load feature.
- More than 4 weapons would be cool. 10 would be perfect. Also, general weapon upgrades such as speed, distance, maximum amount of bullets, etc.
- Level select.
- Story mode?
- Better pause option menu with quality select, music volume and mute, track selection, etc.
- More bomb upgrades.
- Other weapon upgrades such as automatic missile file and whatnot.
- Enemies should have progressive health.
- Haven't beat it, but I haven't seen any bosses.

I had enough.