Reviews for "Stickya Adventurya"


i beet the game....fun!

Not kidding...

Died about 789456 times.... you should have a death counter when you finish the game so you know how much you suck... BTW finishing the game dying 20 times or less IS IMPOSSIBLE! Lol... AND THE THING IS... that you cant pause the game so i went to take a piss and when I came back I got the medal of dying 100 times like just after the first boss! LMAO! AWESOME GAME & BEATING SLASH WAS THE HARDEST PART!


yay i like da fuitar hero part its really hard to do the thing go by too fast but very good

hehehe...to easy

thats game it's easy but fun

no fuck that!!!

so i beat it and that asshole slips on a bannana and falls back in fuck that if the first time wasnt hard enough NO!!! screw you you can rot in the hole of doom >:/ fun (and insanely difficult game) WAIITT!!! WTF beat the game with only 20 death D: why would you make a medal like that !!