Reviews for "Stickya Adventurya"

Was a bit to hard to really get the last medal ....tuning on jumping balls could be better ,hitbox is lil bigger than thoses creepy balls.... movement is sometimes a way to smooth ,makes mircomanagement in avoid situations a real pain...last but not least snake jump move is near impossible ----oh i get it but just cauzse i smack my keyboard like hell without the tutorial advice ;)
idea overall was funny and entertaining ;) ....
lil hint to beat the guitar hero ;)
you can hit his accords for points too xD makes is a way to easy xD

Good, but realy stupid in a cool way!

between ok and bad

i passed the snake and the boss door :D (fart at the stuff he throws at u to defeat him)but i couldnt pass the trampoline.Took me a long time to get to the trampoline.


u get none because of that dang SNAKE

Ok,i guess

It was good until i got to the boss door.At least i got past the snake thingy. :/