Reviews for "Stickya Adventurya"

this just angers me. i farted on a rabbit, jump over the darn box trying to get to the door hundreds of times.

Now im restating myself.

Eggy is a not-so-very-kind badge maker.

Eggy responds:

Awwww but Eggy gives you pain in the form of love.

This should be the real "Unfair Platformer" game. The amount of times I raged I lost count (especially getting through the first level with sliding down that god damn snake), but some way, some how, I beat the game.

Maybe I like masochism, but this was a very good platformer.

Eggy responds:

Thanks SL, I agree I made it a little frustrating, but it was a common trait in my games as you can see haha. I am slowly easing into my games better to make them less frustrating.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game overall though!

oh wow this is a great game thank god for no game over because for me itt was trial and error and when slash appeared my jaw dropped please make more games like this with more medals if you want some ideas I can help I have to give this game 10/10 for being so great I dont see anything wrong with it to be honest

In last nine years I had an unfinished challenge. You must be cheating. I can't say I was playing it every day, but sometimes I tried, because this game is really worth it. And now it's mine! Maybe, it's time to make Hole of Doom 2?

Eggy responds:

Sir that is impressive, its not an easy medal to get. Im glad you enjoyed playing my game for a long time, Im not sure about a 2nd but there is a new game im releasing soon ;)

Old but gold. =D

Eggy responds:

Thank you I agree its a classic :D