Reviews for "Muscle Bird"

Steroids ... :P

Man I love this. I love the graphics, and it was hilarious. Great job. Keep it up dude I'm looking forward to seeing more !


good animation and funny too :D

A nice peice.

The voice acting was terrific, really. It seemed as if the voice fit the character perfectly. One thing though, perhaps you might want to work on the lip-synching a bit more, but other than that it was a good peice of work overall. Great job.

Fun oh fun, fun. *

It was a nice piece and diserves everything it has got.
I enjoyed watching it a lot. *

But it could have been a tiny bit better, that's why I gave it a nine.

Overall it was good. *

Keep it up!

i dig it

muscle bird? funny as hell. the voice acting was great but some of the humor was a little off. Still, quite funny by any means. I really wanna see more muscle bird.